MINOBRAS is a trading company specialized in Sourcing, Importing and distributing quality natural stones from South America, especially from Brazil.


Since 2016, we have worked exclusively and directly with carefully selected quarries in small to medium explorations, offering a selection of differentiated and qualitative products geared towards the construction, renovation and decoration projects.


Through an extensive local network of agents and representatives, MINOBRAS provides its customers with a variety of services, ranging from the provision of catalog products to specific sourcing missions and resource management for major construction projects.

Specialized in natural stones and building materials, MINOBRAS is always available to analyze and advise in the structuring of building projects, providing products to fit our client's custom needs.


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Marble creates a particular style in any room. It can integrate itself to traditional interiors, as well as modern, industrial and minimalistics aethetics.


With high density, strong and wear resistant, granit offers a great variety in grain and color, which sublimate its surroundings with a practical and aesthetical solution.


Quartzite is an igneous rock composed only of quartz grains re-crystallized in such an intricate fashion, welded to each other, that is displays a structure that is voidless. This specific quality brings to quartzite stones an extreme hardness, a higher resistance to frost and an excellent color durability.


Schists exist in a wide range of physical aspects and features, most notably their ability to cleave naturally under impact, following their specific foliation plan, allowing them to be cut in a variety of shapes for different uses. Rare Schists have exceptional inclusions and colors, making them a highly sought after stone for their aesthetic qualities.


Basalts are the stones most used as construction material due to its low water absorption, its resistance to corrosion and to weather conditions.

This mineral is used at all stages of architectural construction, in floorings and wallings, on roads, sidewalks and gardens.



Our CRYSTAL selection is made of high-end ornemental stones, including Agathes, Amethysts and Quartz, transformed into slabs and slices. These stones, especially the translucent ones which are adapted for backlight illumination, create unique atmospheres with colorful light effects.